Yes, the iPhone 7 is Happening


If you decided to buy the iPhone 7, then you should know by now that it’s a pretty cool device. Even with an identical design, Apple is touting the differences, including the hi-res camera on the iPhone 7 and the additional lens on the iPhone 7 Plus. They’ve added the color “jet black” and they have taken away the head jack. Simply, the iPhone 7 is a stand-out in the world of smartphones.

Own some of its best features.

The iPhone 7 and it’s partner the Plus offer higher megapixel lenses inside the camera, faster processors and slightly larger batteries for Apple fans. The new device offers immersive stereo speakers, a brighter colorful display and a splash and water resistant design. However, make sure you understand the water resistant disclaimer before you jump in the deep end. Apple warns not to swim with it or get it wet with salt water, but a shower shouldn’t slow it down.

Apple claims that the immersive stereo system provides twice the sound as previous models and so far, we agree. The advanced speaker option on the iPhone 7 works at the top and bottom to blast your music or audio sounds.

Get it all a little faster.

If you want it faster, you got it. Good news, the 7 features LTE Advanced that offers speeds up to 450 Mbps for downloading data, which calculates to over 50 percent faster than iPhone 6s and triple the speed of the iPhone 6. Because of the iPhone 7 advanced LTE bands, now you’ll have better worldwide roaming capabilities.

Turn it up.

Listening happens through AirPods, which are wireless and ready to use right out of the box. You should connect quickly and accurately without having to pair the device to your new phone. You can speak to them and enjoy clear convos with AirPods, offering a wireless way to speak to your world. Apple believes wholly in a wireless future and wants users to start thinking about intuitive connectivity. Apple designed wireless AirPods for the new iPhone 7 to deliver a consistent and reliable connection which surpasses due to the Apple W1 chip. The sensors inside the AirPods sense when they are inside your ears, so these buds know when to work harder.

Each AirPod provides up to five hours of listening on each charge and can switch between several of your Apple devices, too, providing a seamless interchange. Conveniently, the charging case holds multiple charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. Simply put your AirPods back in the case for 15 minutes and get 3 hours of listening time. The only issue you might encounter is that you could lose one, so try to keep the pair together in a safe place.

You can activate Siri through the AirPods, dictate to play your favorite song, ask for directions or turn up the volume. The new phone still provides a pair of microphones to the left and right of the device and the Lightning connector at the bottom, just like its model 6 predecessors.

What’s up,  jack?

If you miss the headphone jack, you do have options to help you through the transition. You can go wireless or use Lightning-to-regular-headphone adapter dongle, which is included with your device.

Overall, we are happy with the iPhone 7 and feel like Apple is getting us ready for something even bigger. Drop by or call us if you need help learning all of the new features. Fix Apple Now also offers on-site training and tech support.





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