WWDC 2019: What’s New from Apple?

WWDC 2019: What's New from Apple?

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is one of the biggest annual events, and it’s happening now in San Jose, California. During the keynote held on June 3, Apple revealed some unexpected big surprises that has Apple fanatics eagerly marking calendars for their release. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s been announced at Apple’s WWDC 2019 so far:

Mac Pro gets a makeover

The announcement of a new Mac Pro has probably been the most unexpected development from WWDC 2019. This is the first update the Mac Pro has gotten since 2013, but it looks like it will be worth the wait. There’s been a lot of buzz about the Pro Display XDR, a 32” 6K Retina display with stunningly rich colors.

As part of the WWDC 2019 launch, Apple introduced a piece of hardware called the Apple Afterburner as an add-on to the configuration. Designed for video production, when the card is fitted into a Mac Pro’s PCI Express x16 slot, it removes the need to rely on a processor or graphic cards for editing tasks. Now you can handle the bulk of the processing between formats and manage hi-res and hi-bitrate videos with ease, which frees up the rest of your system.

iOS 13 joins the dark side

The long-anticipated iOS 13 will arrive in Fall of 2019 offering Apple addicts a plethora of perks. Among the most exciting changes is the Dark Mode option featured across core apps, including the calendar, music, and photos apps. Other iPhone improvements announced at WWDC 2019 include 30 percent faster face-ID recognition and launching apps twice as fast.

In an effort to keep up with the fast-advancing artificial intelligence market, Siri is also getting a revamp to her voice over. The new tech Apple calls “neural text to speech,” Siri’s voice is even more life-like than before.

But the improvements don’t end there. iPhones will have some new photo and video editing features with iOS 13, including pinch to zoom and the ability to rotate videos.

At WWDC 2019, Apple proposed an encrypted solution to many user’s securities concerns, offering a “Sign in with Apple” option to disguise your personal or work email addresses when registering for new offers and accounts. The benefit to signing in with Apple keeps your email address and personal data private in order to reduce or eliminate potential spam.

Say goodbye to the iTunes era

The internet has been in a frenzy after Apple revealed at WWDC 2019 that it intends to pull the rug out from underneath iTunes. Yes, back up your music because Apple is shelving iTunes forever. Even though they promise none of your collected music or media will be lost in the transition, we highly recommend backing up your data on an external hard drive.

Other WWDC 2019 music announcements include new features for AirPods and HomePods. If you like sharing music with your friends, soon you’ll be able to share audio streams between two pairs of AirPods. Do you and your family or roomies share a HomePod? With the iOS 13 update, HomePods will be able to recognize different voices, creating a more customized experience.

Watch out for OS 6

Apple Watch users got big news at the WWDC 2019 keynote. New customizable watch faces, and bands are coming for fans who take a particular interest in fashion. The updated Apple Watch will also be able to analyze your activity data from the last 90 days, making it easier to track fitness. New audiobooks, calculator and voice memo apps will also be available for the Apple watch.

Introducing the iPadOS

Not to be forgotten, iPad users got updates at the WWDC 2019 along with the rest of Apple fans. A major software update Apple is calling iPadOS will be able to use new hand gestures while working, including copy, paste, undo, and redo. A new feature called Sidecar will let you use your iPad as a second display with a MacBook or Mac. And Apple Pencil users will be happy to hear that latency has been reduced from 20 milliseconds to just 9 milliseconds.

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