What to Do if You have a Cracked iPad Screen

Fix iPad cracked screenCrack. It happens. A Cracked iPad screen can be heartbreaking. Even though a cracked iPad screen is never fun, don’t lose hope. These days it is pretty easy to get a cracked iPad screen repaired or replaced, but be sure you are getting a quality repair. Dropping your device can happen to anyone, but the repair should be left to the experts. Before you turn a cracked iPad screen in for repair, be sure you properly prepare it.

Check your warranty first

Find out if you have a warranty on your product. Apple offers a nifty checker to find out what your Apple warranty status is. AppleCare+ offers coverage options that mean a nominal fee for a cracked iPad screen. However, that coverage is limited to two incidents, so if your cracked iPad screen is out of warranty, you may have to seek help at a computer repair store that specializes in Apple products.

Back it up, back it up

If you haven’t had time to backup your device, make the time now. Backup your iPad on iTunes or iCloud before you take your cracked iPad screen to get replaced. If anything should go wrong in the repair, you should have all of your contacts, photos and data securely stored. It’s always a good idea to backup all of your devices regularly. You never know when you might break it, lose it or accidentally delete something.

Not all cracks are the same

You might have a hairline crack or you might have a deeper crack that could spread over time. Most people keep using their cracked iPad until they can get to a repair place. If you plan to hold onto your broken device until you can afford repairs, make sure the screen doesn’t shatter the next time it slips through  your fingers. If you are trying to use a cracked iPad screen, try  covering it with a film or tempered glass cover.

Not everyone knows how to fix Apple

PCs and Macs are apple and oranges. Find a shop that knows fruit in general. Place like Fix Apple Now specializes in Macs, but understands Windows. Do your research and find out if they specialize in Apple products. Some technicians live and breath Android and are not be as comfortable tackling Apple’s sensors and touch technology offered in the iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad mini 2 versions.  Make sure your tech pro knows how the guts work on your iPad and not just the screen. It is possible that thru the cracked iPad screen, more damage has occurred.

It’s all about convenience

If you can’t drive to a repair store, consider shipping your phone to a store. Many Apple repair stores now turn around mail-in repairs within a day of receiving them. On sites like, Fix Apple Now, you can ship it with payment and receive a fixed iPad a day or two later without even leaving your house. That kind of convenience can take the sting out of the cost of a cracked iPad screen.

3 thoughts on “What to Do if You have a Cracked iPad Screen”

  1. I would like to get my iPad fixed. I have been concerned on how much it will cost me. I think it would be nice to know if my warrant covers it still. Then if it is not covered I will get some outside help.

  2. I always make sure my phone and ipad are backed up so if anything happens I won’t lose all my contacts. It also makes getting a new device so easy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good idea to check your warranty first. You never know what may be covered or if you still have a chance at saving some money.

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