Top 5 Things to Do if Your iPhone Has Water Damage

Top 5 Things to Do if Your iPhone Has Water Damage

It has happened to so many iPhone users. Your phone has decided to go for a swim, and all of the sudden, iPhone water damage has thrown a wrench into your perfect week. You need to act fast to avoid losing all of the important things you store on your iPhone. Learn the steps to take before it’s too late.

1. Power down.

If your phone is powered on when it gets wet, it could short circuit and the resulting iPhone water damage could be permanent. To prevent this, turn your iPhone off as soon as it’s been removed from the water. If it was already off when you dropped it, you may be tempted to turn it on to see whether it still works. This is a common mistake. In the interest of the life of your iPhone, resist the temptation. Your phone is much safer from long term iPhone water damage if it stays turned off until it is completely dry, both inside and out.

2. Wipe down the exterior.

It may seem like common sense, but many people skip this step and go straight into panic mode when facing iPhone water damage. If your cell phone is in a case, remove it to prevent water from pooling around your iPhone. Use an absorbent cloth to dry off the exterior of your phone. If you have a can of compressed air or a Q-tip, you can use that to clear water away from your iPhone’s buttons. Beware of the blow dryer or anything else with high temperatures as heat can make the problems caused by iPhone water damage even worse.

3. Dry off your phone’s interior.

The most significant iPhone water damage is caused by liquid getting through to the interior of your phone. Remove the SIM card to allow some air to flow into your phone’s interior. You can use a SIM eject tool, paperclip, or for the truly innovative, an earring to pull the SIM card tray out from the right side of your iPhone, below the power button. Find a flat, dry place where you can set your iPhone down and let it air dry. Just make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight while it is drying.

Another way to absorb the water that’s seeped into the inside of your iPhone is with the help of Silica packets. Silica packets are the small, absorbent packets that are often included with shipped electronics, in shoeboxes, and so on. Next time you order something online, think twice before you throw those packets in the trash. Keep them handy for an iPhone emergency and use them as an absorbing tool to help you get the water out of your iPhone.

Of course, there’s the classic rice method to prevent iPhone water damage. Just put your phone in a container of uncooked rice and leave it for 48 hours. While people question whether rice really is the most absorbent option, others have reported success with this method.

4. Be patient.

It will take time for your iPhone to fully dry out, even with the use of silica packets. Remember, plugging your phone in or turning it on too soon can cause serious problems. So, while this step may be the hardest, you need to leave your iPhone alone while it dries. This usually takes about 48 hours. Even picking your phone up or shaking it can spread water through its interior and cause permanent iPhone water damage, so grab a book, or turn on your favorite movie series and do your best to stay distracted.

5. Consult an iPhone water damage expert.

The good news is that acting quickly can spare you some significant iPhone water damage. The bad news is that the full impact of water damage is not always immediately clear. Your phone may operate normally for days or even weeks, then begin having problems like malfunctioning speakers or faulty lightning port. If the latter is the problem, you can use a wireless charger for smartphones to continue charging your iPhone.

Complications can also occur if your iPhone is exposed to a liquid other than fresh water, such as salt water or a sugary drink. These liquids will leave a residue as they dry, so the standard steps to prevent iPhone water damage won’t work. An iPhone water damage expert will be able to take your phone apart and clean it to minimize damage and offer other solutions.

Fix Apple Now is a team of experienced iPhone repair techs. We know how to prevent serious iPhone water damage and offer free diagnostics. So if you are unsure of what is causing the damage, or the spilled coffee mug is telling you it’s for sure water damage, stop by our store or take advantage of our mail-in service.

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