The Latest Rumors about AirPods 3

The Latest Rumors about AirPods 3

Like all Apple fans, we’ve been wondering what the new AirPods will have to offer in 2019. It’s still early, but Apple has definitely got us hyped – and there are many reasons why.  The phone accessory market is always evolving, and Apple always goes the extra mile to think outside the box so it’s only natural we have high expectations for the AirPods 3.

Noise Cancellation at Last?
One exciting rumor about the new AirPods is that they may feature noise cancellation. Incorporating this technology into the AirPods design has been a challenge for Apple, but some people are saying they’ve finally found a way. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to enjoy our favorite music or podcasts without being interrupted.

What about Water Resistance?
Some Apple fans were disappointed when the second generation of AirPods turned out to not be water resistant. But according to the latest rumors, the new AirPods might finally have this feature. It’s unlikely that the new model will be fully water proof, however as we have seen with the iPhone X and Apple Watch they are constantly working to develop their water resistance technology.

Can We Stream with Friends?
As streaming becomes more and more popular, and we are continuing to take our screens on the go, Apple has developed a feature in iOS 13 that works with the new AirPods to make it even easier to share with friends. It’s called dual Bluetooth technology and it makes watching a movie or video on the same iPhone with a friend, even easier. With this update, you’ll both be able to connect your new AirPods to whatever Apple device you’re listening on and share an experience without compromising the sound quality.

What’s in Store for Health Tracking?
If you’re big on Apples numerous health features, this one’s for you. The new AirPods change the way we think about headphones. This device is not just to call or listen to music. The new AirPods could take traditional earphones to the next level by monitoring our health and could be used to help us exercise. Some people are saying they will monitor heart rate, calories burned, body movements and work together with your other devices to easily record, and display the tracked data.

A New Look for the New AirPods?
There are rumors about design upgrades for AirPods 3, but no one’s sure exactly what to expect. One possibility is a “no slip” coating to help them stay in place while you’re wearing them. We could also get some color options for the first time, as there are rumors that these updated earbuds will be available in either white or black.

The new and improved Airpods 3 has something for everyone, whether you enjoy talking, working out, or just chilling out and watching movies, the device does it all. The new Airpods could hit our shelves later this year, possibly in time for the holidays. We can’t wait.

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