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    iPhone 7 Diagnostic Service

    If your iPhone 7 is not working and you don’t know exactly what’s the problem or what service it needs call us or use this diagnostic service.Add this service to cart, checkout, fill out diagnostics request form and mail to our repair center. We’ll perform all the necessary testing and provide you a quote for the repair. If you are local drop it off at one of our iPhone Repair Stores in Miami.
    Order iPhone 7 Diagnostic Service:
    – don’t know what is wrong
    – glass cracked, doesn’t turn on
    – iphone is water damaged, no power
    – iphone has more than one problem
  • iphone7-repair-glass-screen

    iPhone 7 Glass Touch Screen and LCD Replacement

    Do you have a broken iPhone 7 screen? The glass on the screen got cracked? Don’t worry! We can fix it  fast! Includes cracked or broken glass; screen, LCD, Touch damage.
    Use iPhone 7 Touch Screen Repair if :
    – touch screen cracked
    – touch function no longer works
    – black  or white part of the glass cracked
  • iphone7-repair-battery

    iPhone 7 Battery Repair

    Does your iPhone 7 discharge too quickly? You can’t go through the day without charging it several times? Or may be your iPhone 7 shows only apple logo and shuts off? If you want this issue fixed, iPhone battery has to be replaced. Repair parts in stock. Includes only new battery replacement. 3 months warranty. Your iPhone 7 battery will work like new after this repair.
    Order iPhone 7 Battery Repair Service:
    – iphone doesn’t charge
    – battery dies too fast
    – shuts off randomly
    – doesn’t charge over certain point

iPhone 7 Repair

Professional Repair Service

Need your iPhone 7 repaired? Our certified techs can help to fix your cellphone problem. Fix cracked glass, LCD, change battery, fix power button, replace charge port, data recovery, logic board repair & more..

Use our mail service or stop by at one of our locations for high quality  repairs in Hallandale, FL or Weston, FL