Our Favorite New Features in iOS 13

Our Favorite New Features in iOS 13

Apple has unveiled the iOS 13 and we are excited about the new features coming your way this Fall. Apple has provided some much-needed performance updates. Apps now open in double speed, and download time has halved.

Go over to the dark mode
Our favorite for iOS 13 is the new dark mode – your Apple device just got more user-friendly. Dark mode will feature across all apps and is suited for all low-light surroundings. You can now preschedule dark mode so that when you’re ready for bed, your Apple device is too. No longer will you be blinded by strong lights in the middle of the night, or disturb others in the movie theater. Switching modes couldn’t be simpler.

Relive memories with the new improved Photo App
Apple’s revamped Photo app is next level, making this our second favorite feature. From the updated app you can select days, months or years, and reminisce nice moments. Apple’s smart technology for the new iOS 13 means that your photo has exactly what you shot in your preview, and with a zoom in and out feature, there are no surprises when you click to view.

Another nice improvement: any repeated pictures, various documents, receipts, or whiteboard photos are concealed, leaving you with just your greatest shots. Photos and videos play as you scroll, reliving moments in real-time. The iOS 13 photo tab can be sectioned by events, so searching for a vacation image is now stress-free.

Have a friend’s birthday coming up? Apple has thought of that too. Simply tag your friends in your pictures or search two or more terms such as “concert” and “selfies”, and instantly upload. The iOS 13 makes filtering photos more fun, as you can see the before and after of the selected filter. The Photo app even lets you sharpen, define, reduce, pinch to zoom – the list is endless, and we just can’t wait to start using it.

The new iOS 13 map app shows a larger scale of the area, assisting you in getting around any town, and has realistic views of the roads and landmarks. Enjoy a 360-degree view of an area and immerse yourself from the comfort of your device. This fun perk makes this app our third favorite feature.

Face ID to sign in:
The iOS 13 has really outdone itself for our fourth favorite feature, as signing in to apps only requires Face ID or Touch ID. This feature will save so much time, since password combinations or long forms are no longer needed. Create unique email addresses on the iOS 13, which are then redirected to your real email, keeping you hidden from companies trying to get hold of your personal information.

HomeKit on the iOS 13, our fifth favorite feature, uses motion detection to record movements and sends the secure information directly to the device. Apple has ensured that privacy is a top priority and puts the user in control of when the cameras should be in operation.

Siri’s New Voice
Last but not least, the iOS 13 even gave Siri an update. Siri will sound more life-like and will have a lot more to say, adding a new element the iPhone assistant. iOS 13’s Siri will perform a lot tasks, such as open maps, play music, inform you of new messages and events from non-Apple apps and much more.

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