No More Jack, but Better Photos for the iPhone 7

iphone 7 bokeh

There are lots of changes coming our way with Cupertino’s latest launch. Some rumors have fallen by the wayside and others are gaining momentum, as we near the launch of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus smartphones.

What’s going away for good?

Say goodbye to the headphone jack. This iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus launch will be a major change that will most likely tick a few folks off. This rumor is most likely going to be true, so if you love your ear buds and like plugging into your smart device to listen to music, you’d better invest in a pair with Bluetooth technology because the iPhone 7 will not feature the headphone jack anymore.

But with a new cord, come new earphones.

As #appleaddicts, we don’t always mind buying new accessories that complement our smart devices. Apple will remove the headphone jack, requiring iPhone 7 users to go through the smartphone’s Lightning connector or use wireless headphones. A Lightning Connector is a computer bus (or buss) and power connector created by Apple Inc. that replaced its predecessors, the 30-pin dock connector. The Lightning connector is used to connect Apple mobile devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods to host computers, charging stations and external devices. Whether you use your connector or Bluetooth to connect your earphones, it entirely up to you.

There are brands available that offer Apple MFi approved Lightning earphones that offer 24-bit digital audio wide frequency response and are compatible with all Apple MFi devices (iPhones, iPods, etc.). Apple will also most likely carry a few on their website in the accessory section, soon enough. Apple has been touting the Bluetooth Beats headphones, too.

Dual cameras look for certain.

One thing that looks for certain is the dual camera rumor for the iPhone 7. This rumor has speculated that Apple will add two rear cameras to help improve photo quality offering users the capabilities to hone brighter pictures with more detail. The dual-lens camera could let you create cool effects, too. Rumor has it that Apple has invested heavily into the dual camera system.

Supposedly, the second lens will be dedicated to capturing extra depth, which will help improve the focus feature. The iPhone 7 should be able to offer clear objects in the foreground, while the background remains blurred. Apple has also hinted that the iPhone 7 will feature the “bokeh effect,” which allows the user to layer an image with several out-of-focus colored dots in order to create an aesthetically pleasing visual to a photograph. Supposedly, this standout feature was included on the invitation to Apple’s media event on September 7.

More rumors that circulated were that each of the new iPhone’s 12MP lenses would host its own sensor. The sensors could capture the same versions of the image somewhat differently, which would allow users to stitch together the imagery for optimal contrast and color saturation.

When will we hear the details about the iPhone 7?

Apple has sent out media invitations for the event this week, which will be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco at 10:00 a.m. PST. According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company used bokeh effects on its media invite to hint as to what is to come. Apple is expected to unveil the look and features of the iPhone 7 on September 7 and the new, impressive camera system should attract plenty of flashbulbs.


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