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Nationwide Apple Repair Service

Unlike other Apple Repair shops, we offer premium, nationwide mail-in out of warranty repairs for iPads and MacBooks. If we have your Mac parts in stock, many times we can return your device within 72-hours after its arrival at our shop. Fix Apple Now offers complimentary return shipping and a 3-month warranty on all repairs. Our Mail-in service is convenient, reliable, fast and affordable.

Our Apple certified technicians offer top-quality services and quick turnarounds. Simply pack and mail your iPad or Mac Laptop Computer to us with a note listing any issues you have encountered. You’ll be assigned an Apple tech who will run free diagnostics on your device and call you to discuss your options. Once we have the green light, we’ll repair it and ship your device back to you safely. We do not charge for return shipping. All repairs have a 3-month warranty, plus you now have a personal Apple tech at your service, should you need us again.

All Mail-in services receive:

  • Full Diagnostics
  • Complimentary consult and estimate
  • Approved Apple repairs by certified technicians
  • Full-service testing and cleaning of your device
  • Complimentary return shipping

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