iPhone Repair: Should You Do It Yourself?

iPhone Repair: Should You Do It Yourself?

Think you’re a tech pro? When you’re in need of iPhone repair, you may think you can handle it on your own. After all, how hard could it be to replace a cracked screen or dislodge a malfunctioning button? Although it may seem like a quick, simple fix, that’s not always the case when it comes to iPhone repairs. Here are a few reasons why you should always leave the repairs up to the professionals:


When you attempt iPhone repair without a professional, what happens if you make a mistake or do more damage to the phone? Many iPhone repair businesses will offer customers a warranty to ensure that the repair is long-lasting, however you don’t get this same reassurance when you fix it on your own. Take your damaged phone to a professional to get peace of mind that the repairs will be done correctly the first time.

High Quality Parts

How will you find the parts you need for your iPhone repair? If you attempt to do it on your own, you will most likely end up searching the web to find a parts supplier and ordering from one that offers the best deals. However, when you’re not in the iPhone repair business, you have no way of knowing which suppliers are reliable and which provide poor quality parts. When you take your phone to a trusted iPhone repair tech, you can leave knowing that only the highest quality parts will be used to fix your iPhone.

Time Commitment

When you have no prior experience with iPhone repair, it could take you a considerable amount of time just to figure out how to get started fixing it. Even though many manufacturers produce screen repair kits that are designed for phone owners to use at home, it can still take over an hour to figure out how to make the repair! For many iPhone owners, it’s not worth it to waste so much time when the phone could easily be brought into an iPhone repair professional for assistance.

Complex Fixes

Many issues that result in the need for iPhone repair are complex and should be left to professionals. For example, when an iPhone is submerged in water, it’s very common for water to seep into the interior and cause damaging corrosion. In these situations, a professional iPhone repair tech would need to disassemble the phone, safely remove the corrosion with a soft brush and alcohol, and then determine the extent of the damage. Not only is this process complicated for those who are not skilled in iPhone repair, but it could also lead to more damage if not done properly. With damages like these, it’s essential that you seek help from a professional instead of attempting to fix it on your own.

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