iPhone Repair Pro Tip: Keep Batteries Strong

iPhone Repair Pro Tip: Keep Batteries Strong

Many iPhone users come to iPhone repair professionals and complain that their batteries don’t work as well as they should.

When users face issues with the battery, they are forced to bring their phones to an iPhone repair professional for a replacement. If you want to avoid the costs associated with replacing your iPhone battery, follow these tips to keep your battery strong:

Don’t go all the way.

iPhones have lithium ion batteries which actually work better when they’re not drained all the way. Actually, these batteries actually are more efficient when you don’t allow them to charge to 100%, either. Letting it charge or drain all the way will cause the battery to shorten its life and force you to get a replacement battery from an iPhone repair professional. To avoid having to contact an iPhone repair professional, always plug your phone in before it gets down to 0% and unplug it before it reaches a full charge.

Disable notifications.

One thing that can drain and weaken your battery is having too many notifications turned on for your many apps. If you think about it, many of the notifications that you have turned on, you probably ignore. After all, do you really need to know every time someone has a birthday on Facebook? To avoid the need for iPhone repair to replace a damaged battery, go to the notifications center in your settings. Scroll through your settings and minimize the number of useless notifications that you have set up. Not only will this help your battery life, but it will also stop you from having to check your phone every twenty minutes when a new notification pops up!

Check email manually.

There are two ways that your phone can pull in emails: push or pull. When you have multiple email accounts set up to push emails through as soon as they arrive, this can drain and damage your battery, leading to the need for iPhone repair. Instead, set up all of your accounts to “pull” or set up only the most important accounts to push to reduce the amount of battery that you use. To adjust your existing settings, go to Settings, then Mail, Contacts Calendar and Fetch New Data. Here, you will be able to pick how you want each account set up.

Turn off location services.

When your iPhone is constantly tracking your location, it can drain and damage your battery. Although having your location turned on can have many benefits, such as allowing you to easily search for driving directions, not every app needs access to your information. Enhance the life of your battery and help prevent the need for iPhone repair by disabling some apps from reaching your location. Go to Settings, Privacy and then Location Services to make this quick change.

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