iPhone Repair: Fixing it vs. Tossing it

We know how to fix your Apple deviceHave you cracked your iPhone’s screen, jammed a button or dropped it in a puddle of water? Don’t panic! Now that your phone is damaged, you have two choices: seek out iPhone repair from a professional or toss the phone and get a new one. How should you decide what to do? Take a look at these pros of getting your iPhone repaired:


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that the greatest way to alleviate the waste problem that the world is facing is to reduce the amount of waste by repairing and reusing goods. Electronics such as iPhones are made from copper, plastics and metals that consume a great deal of energy during the manufacturing process. By throwing iPhones away, you’re creating the need for the production of one more phone, therefore increasing the need for more energy to be consumed in the world. Instead of tossing out your iPhone, ask an iPhone repair professional whether or not it can be fixed and do your part to help the environment.


Throwing out your phone and getting a new one instead of asking an iPhone repair professional for help in fixing your existing phone is a costly decision. Depending on your contract with your provider, getting a new phone could cost you hundreds of dollars and require you to sign extensions onto your contract. This doesn’t include the fact that every time you visit your provider in-store, a salesperson ends up talking you into hundreds of dollars of upgrades and smartphone accessories. Before you make this decision, get a quote for your iPhone repair and see what the difference in cost would be.

Protecting your information.

When you toss your phone instead of going to an iPhone repair professional for assistance, you have to go through the time-consuming process of clearing your personal information from the phone. Why? Even if you decide to throw away your phone, there’s always a chance that someone else could find it and use it to access personal information, such as your credit card or banking account numbers and private photos. The old motto of “out of sight, out of mind” does not apply to smartphones in this situation. Instead of going through the lengthy process of clearing your information, ask an iPhone repair professional for help fixing the phone you have. They can even help you erase the phone to get it ready to sell.

What’s the bottom line?

In most cases, it’s a smarter decision to get an iPhone repair company to fix your phone instead of tossing it for a new one. Unless it’s time for an upgrade with your mobile provider or you want to switch to another model of the phone for other reasons, always attempt to repair an iPhone before resorting to throwing it away.

Now that you know the benefits of finding an iPhone repair professional as opposed to throwing out the phone, it’s time to schedule your repair. Trust the techs at Fix Apple Now to repair your LCD, cracked glass, battery, home button, power button, audio jack, water damage and more.

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