iPhone Repair Experts can Assist Police

iPhone Repair can Assist Police with Locating Missing Persons

An iPhone can help police find information on last whereabouts or possible communication leading up to the disappearance of victims. Recently the FBI gave up trying to force Apple to unlock the iPhone of terrorists, but it doesn’t mean government officials will not find other means to utilize iPhone information to help find criminals or locate terrorist’s plans.

iPhone repair helps missing persons

Two Florida teenagers disappeared for eight months after leaving on a fishing trip in 2015. Authorities recovered an iPhone from the recently found boat, which might provide answers as to why the teens disappeared. Apple has reportedly offered to help police officials retrieve information and provide iPhone repair to help identify their last communication on their devices. The parents of the teens have been working with the Apple to help make the device operational again since the iPhone had been submerged in the ocean for over eight months. Specialized iPhone repair services and expert IT guidance will help gain access to the device.

Apple may or may not help with iPhone repair or unlocking devices.

Apple has a strict policy to never intervene with encryption data or password protection on their customer’s devices. T he company’s high­profile battle with the FBI vowing to never help unlock the San Bernardino’s terrorist’s encrypted iPhone caused quite an upset. But, regardless if the teenager’s iPhone is password protected or not, Apple’s strict security guidelines will allow the company to provide help in emergency situations.

Apple doesn’t just support its average customer’s right to protect encrypted phone communication, it will stand up to government officials over meth dealers’ phones, too. So, what actually constitutes an emergency situation? According to Daily Dot, Apple has been approached to unlock devices and provide iPhone repair in order to help the Feds locate a criminal or victim of a crime. Apple lawyer, Marc Zwillinger said at an October 2015 hearing, “Right now Apple is aware that customer data is under siege from a variety of different directions. Never has the privacy and security of customer data been as important as it is now.”

At the hearing, the judge asked Apple to explain why it had ignored U.S. prosecutors’ search warrants to unlock the phone of Jun Feng, who p l ed guilty to drug charges. Marc Zwillinger continued, “A hypothetical consumer could think if Apple is not in the business of accessing my data and if Apple has built a system to prevent itself from accessing my data, why is it continuing to comply with orders that don’t have a clear lawful basis in doing so?”

The Feds turn to hacking pros for iPhone repair services

The Federal government has recently turned to hackers for iPhone repair services, although, according to CNET, won’t divulge exactly how they have managed to unlock the San Bernardino terrorist’s phone. Putting professional hackers on government payroll to assist in iPhone repair and unlocking encryption on smart devices will most certainly help bring down criminals, but more importantly, those hackers helping with iPhone repair service may be able to save lives for kidnapped victims or missing persons.

GPS narrows down the search

Police officials are able to pinpoint exact locations of criminals and victims due to smart device GPS (global positioning systems). In the last few years, prosecutors and investigators have been able to collect digital evidence to help outline a victim’s familiarity with an assailant, to help capture a suspected killer because they were able to prove that an alibi was false. Retrieving data from iPhone repair has also assisted police in tracking down countless criminals who flee the scene of the crime.

In a world full of smart devices and advancing technology, GPS and iPhone repair service that helps unlock key information is vital to the investigative authorities. Officials have helped convict more criminals via digital evidence, which is fast becoming as critical as DNA evidence.

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