Get the Most Out of Your iPhone Battery

Get the Most Out of Your iPhone Battery

Watching your battery life percentage decrease minute by minute can cause extreme low battery anxiety. Low battery anxiety is real and can be treated if you know how to get the most of your iPhone battery life. While the iPhone battery life has greatly improved since their first model, there are still steps you can take from getting the most out of iPhone battery and save yourself from dying in a less than ideal spot.

More isn’t always better.

Apple’s dynamic wallpapers may look great, but they also require extra power. You can change your wallpaper to a still image by going to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper. Likewise, features like Bluetooth and AirDrop can create a constant drain on your iPhone battery even when you’re not using your phone, so switch them off when you don’t need them. If you have questions about any of your phone’s features, an iPhone repair professional can help.

Turn off apps’ location tracking.

It may be useful for Apple Maps or rideshare apps to track your location, but you may not even realize how many different apps use location tracking. When you put them all together, it can be a real drain on your battery life. Turn off location tracking for apps that don’t really need it. Alterniteively, some apps offer the feature to use your location “While Using the App”. You can find this in the settings of each specific app.

Avoid extreme temperatures.

iPhones operate at their best in temperatures ranging from 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In excessively hot or cold temperatures, your iPhone battery could have trouble holding a charge and could even be permanently damaged. So be careful not to leave your phone behind in a hot car, or the accidently leave it in the freezer in a late night snack raid or your iPhone may need serious iPhone repairs.

Dim your screen.

A brighter screen requires more power. Dimming your screen is a quick way you can keep your iPhone battery alive for a while longer. Simply go to Control Center and adjust the Brightness slider. Newer iPhone models have a feature called auto-brightness that adjusts the screen based on light conditions. You can make sure this feature is turned on by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations.

Check to see if you need a new iPhone Battery.

Devices running on iOS 12 provide detailed information about battery health. Just go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health to see if your battery is operating peak performance. If not, an iPhone repair tech can help you replace your iPhone battery or diagnose the problem.

Use Wi-Fi whenever possible.

Cellular data drains your battery relatively quickly, so it’s a good idea to use Wi-Fi as much as you can. However, your iPhone is also using power whenever it searches for a Wi-Fi network to join. If you won’t need internet access for a while, you can turn off Wi-Fi in your phone’s Control Center to extend your iPhone battery life. Just remember to turn it back on the next time you need to open an app or check a website.

iPhone battery replacement

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