Greenacres Apple Repairs - Store Directions

fixapplenowlocations2 Greenacres Apple Repairs - Fix Apple Now Store Directions

At Fix Apple Now, we have tried to make it as easy as possible for our customers to have their Apple devices, Android devices and PCs repaired by our highly experienced technicians.

Below you can find driving directions from Google Maps to help you get from Greenacres to your nearest Fix Apple Now store, situated in Weston. You can either copy the driving instructions below or click here for a larger map and driving directions.

Alternatively, if you do not have the time or don't want to drive to your local Fix Apple Now store, we operate a mail in repair service where you can post your faulty tech items to us to fix for you. Once repaired, we can mail them back to you.

Fix your Apple in Greenacres

If you have a broken Apple device in Greenacres, get in touch with Fix Apple Now today. We can repair your iPhone 4,5 or 6, iPad, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air for the right price. Our engineers are amongst the most skilled in the business and can solve a plethora of problems. Come to us if key functions like your Bluetooth or camera aren't working, you're seeing a “no SIM card” error, your device won't charge, you've got a cracked or frozen screen or your device won't turn on at all.

The service you've been looking for

We always aim to fix your device and get it back to you quickly so you don't have to be without for it for longer than necessary. Having helped scores of Greenacres residents return their Apple devices to their former glory, we can be counted on to deliver the exceptional quality you're looking for. Why wait any longer to get in touch if you need to repair your iPhone in Greenacres?

Driving Directions

Start: Delray Beach, FL

Get on Florida's Turnpike from FL-802 W/Lake Worth Rd (3.9 mi)

Follow Florida's Turnpike and FL-869 S to Royal Palm Blvd in Weston.
Take exit 15 from I-75 S (45.0 mi)

Drive to Weston Rd (1.0 mi)

Finish: FixAppleNow - Weston Store
2806 Weston Road #B,
Weston, FL 33331