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Fix Apple Now - Weston, FL

2806 Weston Road #B, Weston, FL 33331

Phone: 1 (954) 639 4770
E-mail: weston@fixapplenow.com

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Weston, Florida. Apple Repairs – Qualified Apple Technicians

Specializing only in Apple device repairs, Fix Apple Now in Weston, Florida. offers best Apple cellphone, tablet & computer repair & upgrade service in the industry. With over 15 years of combined in-field Apple repair experience, our qualified Apple technicians offer high quality repair service for broken Apple device of any generation: iPhones, iPads, Macs, MacBooks and iMacs.  We offer quick turnarounds, affordable prices and high-quality Apple repairs (please see below for a complete list of Apple devices and repair services).

Apple Repair – Types of Device

Each of our Fix Apple Now Weston technicians understands the importance of returning a broken Apple device to full working order as fast as possible. When your access to everyday applications such as email, banking, and social media is restricted or denied (or made all that more difficult through a cracked, bleeding, or unresponsive screen), your personal life and professional life can grind to a sudden halt. That’s why our highly skilled and fast-working team of Apple device technicians guarantees 24 hour repairs in most common cases of repair (where parts are in stock), with a 3 MONTH WARRANTY as standard.

Why Choose Fix Apple Now?

Quality Apple Parts

We only use quality Apple parts to ensure your Apple device runs efficiently.

Certified Apple Technicians

All of our team are certified Apple Technicians, you’re in safe hands with us.

24 Hours or Less Service Time on Repairs*

*Based on the service issue and parts in stock.

FREE Diagnostics

We will diagnose the issue of your Apple iPhone for free, usually $25.

3 Month Warranty

3 month warranty on all repairs for extra peace of mind.

Apple Repairs – Repair Options

Fix Apple Now Weston is a complete Apple repair service – we provide device testing and cleaning before shipping your fixed device back to your chosen address. We are also happy to buy your broken Apple device from you if you decide you want to part with your old equipment. If you are unsure as to the cost of repairs, why not take advantage of our free and impartial diagnostics and estimate services before deciding whether to repair the device or take the cash.

Mac Repairs

Fix Apple Now Offer fast turn around for most repairs. We provide professional, dedicated Macintosh repair services daily via our in store team. Our repair services are affordable, reliable, and backed up by our 90 days warranty. We can fix and service almost any Mac or MacBook model. We only deal with out of warranty repairs on the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac.

Most services can be carried out within 1 to 4 days. We feel we are able to offer the most competitive prices as in many case our technicians can go beyond the conventional standard repairs carried out by many workshops and provide MacBook repair up to component level repair. Quality repair, support service for your Mac.

 iPad Repairs


Broken iPad? Why not try our iPad repair services by Fix Apple Now, skilled technicians able to fix a wide range of iPad models from mini to Pro 12.9 inch. Cracked screens, logic board repair, home, power, and volume buttons, charging port and battery replacements.

Most services can be carried out within 6 to 24 hours. Have you dropped and broken your tablet screen? The iPad screen repair is one of our most called out repair service. Our technicians have repaired 100’s of them, so experience in the repair procedure is extremely high.

iPhone Repairs


Professional iPhone repairs in Weston, Florida by our expert repair team. from cracked screen, to logic board, we have a cost effective solution at affordable rates. Imagine having one of our certified technicians within hours fixing your iPhone. Most iPhone screen repairs can be carried out within 1 to 2 hours. The only thing you pay for is the repair and the part, and nothing else.

We also replace home buttons, volume buttons, vibrator unit, and anything else your iPhone may need. We only use high quality parts. Fix Apple Now provide the same high quality service at a fraction of the price paid direct. All of our repairs come with warranty. Try us out today.

Mail-in / Walk-in – Apple Repair Your Way

Fix Apple Now in Weston, Florida offers both walk-in services and mail-in Apple repairs. If you are in the Miami area, please visit our Weston store for instant support. We maintain an expansive inventory of quality Apple parts that could mean we are able to offer a same day fix for your Apple device (common issues include cracked or unresponsive screens and damaged logic boards). 

Our mail-in option opens up our expert Apple repair services to the whole country. Simply speak to a member of staff about your Apple issue and we will know to expect your device. 

What Our Customers Say

  • Phil Spero Avatar
    Phil Spero

    Amazing place!! Good service and reliable motherboard repair


    Bathroom Place Avatar
    Bathroom Place

    I had a problem in my iphone7 charging port and the staff resolved in a few second. Excellent and honest personal. I recommen this place for your iPhone services.


  • Autismo Avatar

    Great service and people they fixed it very quick


    Javier Briceno Avatar
    Javier Briceno

    Once again, extremely satisfied with the services received. They deliver the phone operational within the time framed indicated and at very reasonable prices. Great resource to have near by. Thanks


  • Franck Fethi Avatar
    Franck Fethi

    Came here having issues getting an app to work on my phone. Diego helped me fix it, turns out the problem was that my Apple account was set to the wrong region. Glad I came here, I recommend these guys.


    Big Dog Beats Avatar
    Big Dog Beats

    Excellent customer service!!!


  • Daniela Fernandez Avatar
    Daniela Fernandez

    Excelente lugar, servicio honesto y rápido, siempre muy amables tratando de darte las mejores opciones para tu problema, el día de hoy me toco ir para revisar el celular de mi esposo me atendieron súper rápido y arreglaron el problema, seguiré usando sus servicios. Hazte un favor y si tienes un problema con tus equipos visita este lugar De seguro saldrás satisfecho


    Carlyle Stewart Avatar
    Carlyle Stewart

    Been here many times... expert knowledge and great customer service. Highly recommended


  • Jorge Barter Avatar
    Jorge Barter

    Excellent service. They share their expertise with you, leaving you a better informed consumer. Very quick. Excellent build quality.


    Edward Vaniska Avatar
    Edward Vaniska

    Took my IPOD Classic in for repair on 12-12-18 and the tech had it apart in minutes and told me what was needed. He said he could fix it and I said go for it. 10 minutes later he brought me my ipod and when I asked how much, He said Have a happy holiday, no charge. This is the second repair on different ipods they have fixed. Thanks again will recommend you to anyone that needs repairs.


  • C. Amelia Padrón Avatar
    C. Amelia Padrón

    Great service, quick, cheap, and responsible.


    Marcio Fantinelli Munhoz Avatar
    Marcio Fantinelli Munhoz

    Amazing service


  • Sabine Streit Avatar
    Sabine Streit

    I’ve taken my electronics to Fix Apple now twice now and both times they’ve repaired my electronics super quickly and the service was great. The second time I had completely shattered my iPad screen and they called me back to pick it up the next day, highly recommended.


    Janet Hopkin Avatar
    Janet Hopkin

    Great service. Highly recommend this Apple fix store.


  • Gabriel Burgos Avatar
    Gabriel Burgos

    Great work Everything works like new now. Great service as well 10/10 would fix my phone here again


    Lilia Gil Avatar
    Lilia Gil

    I have an iPhone 5 with a freezing screen. This people once they received my mobile they knew what was wrong and in just a few hours I had my mobile back and repaired.
    I am very grateful to their fast service and I felt they knew how important it was to me to have my mobile repaired so quickly. The price was reasonable and I did not have to go to the Apple Store in Adventure.
    Thank you Diego for such a good job !


  • Lilia Gil Avatar
    Lilia Gil

    I have an iPhone 5 with a freezing screen. This people once they received my mobile they knew what was wrong and in just a few hours I had my mobile back and repaired.I am very grateful to their fast service and I felt they knew how important it was to me to have my mobile repaired so quickly. The price was reasonable and I did not have to go to the Apple Store in Adventure.Thank you Diego for such a good job !


    Jessica Maria Avatar
    Jessica Maria

    Orisbel was great, he fixed my audio issue in 5 minutes! If you have any problems with your iPhone this is the place to go!!!


  • Karen Peruzzi Avatar
    Karen Peruzzi

    They are helpful, fair, fast and I highly recommend for anything Apple.


    Adriana Fuentes Avatar
    Adriana Fuentes

    Great friendly people always working, very knowledgeable and helpful with all Apple issues. Special thanks to Sina for helping me out with my Apple Watch questions today 🙂


  • Sebastian Milla Avatar
    Sebastian Milla

    I arrived at the store only knowing that my phone wouldn't display or respond. They quickly diagnosed my phone and were able to help. I highly recommend their services. Sina and Antonino were of great help and repaired my phone at an unbeatable price!


    Jayson Benner Avatar
    Jayson Benner

    Really great guys here, they were honest with me and very helpful in diagnosing my phone when I submerged it in saltwater. I'd recommend taking your phone here if it needs to get fixed.


  • Josh Robayo Avatar
    Josh Robayo

    Guys, I can’t believe how helpful your team is, you might think it’s just a job but you really help people! Thank you for your help


    Stacey Seider Avatar
    Stacey Seider

    Sina was so helpful with what we came in for. I highly recommend coming here.


  • Neddie Lynn Avatar
    Neddie Lynn

    Quick well done repairs to iphones and Ipads. I always have the same efficient and well done service. Try them. So much better than entering the huge apple stores.


    Isabella Bustillos Avatar
    Isabella Bustillos

    The experience was very good. Amazing service. Sina was a very worker.


  • Oscar Matheus Avatar
    Oscar Matheus

    Excellent service


    Valeria08rr Avatar

    Excelente servicio


  • Maria N Avatar
    Maria N

    Awesome service ! Faster than I expected ! Nice people !!?


    Brian Miles Avatar
    Brian Miles

    Sina helped me out a lot. Super great and fast service. I’ll definitely recommend this place to anyone that has phone troubles just because of how great Sina’s customer service was. 10/10 experience


  • Daniel Pinzon Avatar
    Daniel Pinzon

    Sina was very friendly and a great sales person, will be coming here to fix all my apple products!


    Jackie Bales Avatar
    Jackie Bales

    Fixed my MacBookPro a couple years ago, same day service! Apple store said it would have to send it away for at least a week, and since it involved a liquid would cost a minimum of several hundred dollars. FixAppleNow charged me about $150!


  • Christian Adames Avatar
    Christian Adames

    Awesome!!! S ina was amazing !!! It literally took 20minutes to get my phone fixed!! Loved it!! I don’t know if you can hear my excitement through the comments


    Heloisa Faria Avatar
    Heloisa Faria

    Outstanding and honest service! A cellphone screen was replaced and a MacBook Air was fixed. Long story short, I had taken the computer to a competitor before to get an estimate on the service. They wanted to charge me more than 3x Fix AppleNow charged me. If you are looking for a place that is trustworthy, you found one.


  • Greg Ball Avatar
    Greg Ball

    Excellent Service. My Mac crashed over the weekend while I was working on a high level professional project. Apple support could not find a solution all weekend! I called Fix Apple Now in Weston, first thing Monday morning, and I had my repaired Mac ready for pick-up that same afternoon. The Apple store would have taken the whole week!These guys are professional, kind, and know their stuff. I highly recommend them!!!


    Cara McCarthy Avatar
    Cara McCarthy

    Great service all around, got my comp back better than when i left it ? very pleased... here’s a b4 n after n i think the split had gotten a lil worse than that since i sent it in too, looks good as new now tho yay(hopefully the pics show ?)


  • Felipe Proenca Avatar
    Felipe Proenca

    Really good service. The staff is really great and helpful. They really helped me fix my computer.


    Stephen Avatar

    Excellent, fast efficient and cost effective repair of IPhone 6plus.


  • Otavio Lazarini Barbosa Avatar
    Otavio Lazarini Barbosa

    Experts, they know what they are doing.


    Irfan Raja Avatar
    Irfan Raja

    We live in weston . Was very convenient to get my screen replaced . Great service .


  • Raymond Moenich Avatar
    Raymond Moenich

    They are very knowledgeable, and addressed my issues promptly and completely. Will definitely use their services again.


    justin ross Avatar
    justin ross

    Quick service!


  • ITFU Miami Avatar
    ITFU Miami

    Quick and friendly... had all the parts I needed in house. I would refer them to any and everyone! Professional environment and professional services rendered.. ask for Mikhail!


    Charlie Crooner Avatar
    Charlie Crooner

    Phone good as new! Fast service and great warranty plan!


  • Mariana Hernandez Avatar
    Mariana Hernandez

    I have been coming here for a few years and they are very professional and honest. Highly recommend!


    Blue Avatar

    Very fast processes


  • Juliana Do Prado Avatar
    Juliana Do Prado

    My phone was completely cracked, camera wasn't working and half of the screen lost its functionality but after the cheap repair my phone is as good as new!!! 🙂


    andres pompei Avatar
    andres pompei

    Muy buen servicio, mi reparacion quedo como lo deseaba y en 45 minutoVery good. My service was as u expected and just 45 minutes. I would recomend 100%.


  • cesar larez Avatar
    cesar larez

    Always they help you inmediately when you need it


    Jonathan Sanchez Avatar
    Jonathan Sanchez

    Always very helpful! Excellent staff!


  • A Torres Avatar
    A Torres

    Amazing Place, they fixed my wife's phone really fast, very good prices and very professionals, Full recommended


    Jennifer Zapata Avatar
    Jennifer Zapata

    Great service! Came in with my iPad and he was able to diagnose it and help even though they were working on something else. They are now open on Sundays. Would definately recommend them!


  • Robert DaCosse Avatar
    Robert DaCosse

    They did a professional job repairing and replacing the battery on an iPhone 5.


    Cal G. Avatar
    Cal G.

    great company.. i have used the three time and they have always done the right thing.. ty


  • Gustavo Fluxha Avatar
    Gustavo Fluxha

    Excellent service shop AAAAAA++++++


    Phillip Bodner Avatar
    Phillip Bodner

    AMAZING! Went in for an LCD replacement. Owner called mid way through process to let me know phone had minor water damage. Discounted services for cleaning & battery replacement from over $300 to $220 with taxes. Threw in a free glass protector as well. Very professional and timely. Will recommend to family and friends (this was first visit).


  • Tareq Alawneh Avatar
    Tareq Alawneh

    We came early morning and we had a flight in couple of hours we rush the team to fix my phone, it wasn't working at all, and they fixed it,,, excellent service friendly team. Nick is the MAAN!!!!


    Tears of Joy Avatar
    Tears of Joy

    I really love this place they fixed my broken screen on the iPhone with no problems in no time.


  • Ivanna Vidal Avatar
    Ivanna Vidal

    Very helpful.


    Luciana Paz Avatar
    Luciana Paz

    Excellent service! I had my phone fixed on a Sunday in just under a couple of hours. Staff is super professional and willing to make your experience the best possible. Would definitely recommend to anyone.


  • Fernando D'Annunzio Avatar
    Fernando D'Annunzio

    The offer next day repairs in everything Apple, as long as they have the parts in the store, which can be ordered for 2 days delivery


    Jasmine Hayes Avatar
    Jasmine Hayes

    Great timing and the most reasonable price in the city!!! Excellent service and they did an amazing job on my screen.


  • Jennifer Marcos Avatar
    Jennifer Marcos

    Fast and great work, screen looks perfect; 100% recommend


    ana larez Avatar
    ana larez

    Amazing costumer Service!!!!!


  • Lea Marie B Avatar
    Lea Marie B

    Excellent service , great staff , quick repairs and trustable People!


    Stephanie Taveras Avatar
    Stephanie Taveras

    Wonderful staff and will fix your phone in a timely fashion. Won't let you down, and have affordable repairs on any apple product! Great service!


  • Halle Solomon Avatar
    Halle Solomon

    So helpful


    Ashley Cross Avatar
    Ashley Cross

    Absolutely amazing team!! Were incredibly helpful!!!


  • Sofia Bustos Avatar
    Sofia Bustos

    Very good service, quick and easy.


    Barbara Ramirez Avatar
    Barbara Ramirez

    I've been several times and I've never had a problem. Super nice people and always give you the best service!


  • Javier Ramirez Avatar
    Javier Ramirez

    Amazing and great customer service


    Jesse Greaner Avatar
    Jesse Greaner

    Great service. Employees get right on top of the repair. Quality work.


  • Alexandria Rae Avatar
    Alexandria Rae

    They did a great job. Fast repair and the price is very reasonable.


    Amy Chenoy Avatar
    Amy Chenoy

    Fix apple now is always a pleasure to deal with, they are smart, quick, and very friendly!!!! I'm a frequent flyer here!!!!


  • Robert Bessette Avatar
    Robert Bessette

    I have been using fix apple now since 2014 for our family's iPads, iPhones and MacBooks. Without exception, purchases and repairs were done as well as the Apple Store, and I didn't have to drive to Fort Lauderdale. Extremely convenient to be located in Weston. Fast service as well. Highly recommended and I am sure that I will be back again.


    Maria Vasquez Avatar
    Maria Vasquez

    Me encanto como arreglaron mi teléfono en fixapplenow, excelente servicio y muy amables. Te llaman para explicarte el problema y son muy responsables y te dan descuentos, contenta con el trabajo de ellos.


  • Monte Blacker Avatar
    Monte Blacker

    Great service and price


    Tracy Rodgers Avatar
    Tracy Rodgers

    Dropped my phone in the parking lot and shattered the glass. The guys working here were quick and courteous, and the price was more than fair. Would def return again.


  • DjSmooth 71 Avatar
    DjSmooth 71

    These guys really know what they're doing. They help me out in no time flat, and I would recommend them to anyone with a broken iPhone


    Alex DeLuca Avatar
    Alex DeLuca



  • Juan Pablo Blanco Ziegler Avatar
    Juan Pablo Blanco Ziegler

    Excellent customer service, fast, flexible & price-friendly! Highly recommended!


    Maria Baez Avatar
    Maria Baez

    Súper recomendados y muy profesionales. Solucionan tus problemas en menos de una hora hahhah y bueno si vives en Weston no dudes en venir !!!!!


  • Siva Singam Avatar
    Siva Singam

    Excellent service. Reliable, fast and reasonable price. This is third time I am getting service here for broken iPhone glass repair.


    Jorge Velasco Avatar
    Jorge Velasco

    Very good service and fast


  • Scott Coleman Avatar
    Scott Coleman

    Did it at a timely fashion with the price qouted


    Colebowl Avatar

    Fix Apple Now provides great service at great prices. Highly recommend.


  • Sophia Elliott Avatar
    Sophia Elliott

    Great service!


    pascale blin Avatar
    pascale blin

    Great service , nice People, prices are amazing !


  • Katia Segura Avatar
    Katia Segura

    Amazing service! Took no more than 30 minutes to replace my cracked screen. I highly recommend using them for all your Apple products!


    Derek Sheinberg Avatar
    Derek Sheinberg

    The people were very helpful and genuine about helping me. I got a great new for for a cheap price. Overall 10/10


  • Anabell Rojas Avatar
    Anabell Rojas

    Excelente atencion y buen servicio hacia los clientes...100% recomendado!


    aanunez2280 Avatar

    Great, quick service and very reasonable prices. The workers here are also very professional and reliable. In an age where there are numerous repair shops that just want to rip the customer off, it's very refreshing to see a nice, honest, and exceptional cell phone repair shop. I've had multiple cell phones repaired here, and this place is the best in the area. This is a great place!


  • Omar Medina Avatar
    Omar Medina

    Great service and price! They replace my Batery in no time! I rerecommended!


    Ella Pulido Avatar
    Ella Pulido

    I have gotten my iphone 4s fixed and my 2011 macbook pro repaired in this place and the service has always been excellent. The person who attended me on both occasions was very understanding and very nice. Very professional. The location is perfect. In Weston (my hometown) and located next to Burgerfi. Clean place. Got my phone and personal computer fixed here and in both occasions, I have gotten my electronics even earlier than expected. This was a pleasant surprise. You won't be disappointed.


    tracey smith

    great experience!!! plan on getting all my apple products repaired here in the future! highly recommended!


    amit drore

    Amazing service !!! My phone was completely destroyed and they fixed it in under 30 minutes! Great place , I would recommend it to everyone.



    Best technicians in souht florida!They did a retina display replacement in record time 3hrs to be presice and half the price i was quote at apple store in aventura and 1 week turnaround time these guys are the best in weston! And SouthFlorida!


    Enrique Faraldo

    Fast kind service. Accomadated to my schedule.


    nadia rivera

    Excelente servicio. a precios muy razonables.


    LJ Hulburd

    iPhone screen shattered today while traveling. I won't be near Apple Store at home for a week. My brother picked me up from airport and took me right to a place he had used for his iPhone repairs in Florida. An hour later my phone looks new! Fixapplenow repair center @ 2806 Weston Road put my vacation back on track. Mikael was expeditious, courteous and even gave me a fresh screen protector. Great service, cheaper than my Verizon insurance repair would have cost. Good work!!!!!



    The service has been great. I have used it 3 times with 3 different devices over 3 years and the service has been great, faster and less expensive than if I went to the Apple Store directly in all accessions. Definitely recommend it.


    Tina Schlonsky

    These guys are great! I hate to admit, but they have fixed 3 of our devises now!


    Rodrigo L Hernandez

    I strongly recommend this place to quickly fix your iPhone with amazing quality and good price range.Please ask Mikhail for prices !


    Melissa Falconi

    Came in to change the temper glass on my phone and they were able to finish both phones in less than 5 minutes.


  • Christina Deacy Avatar
    Christina Deacy

    I found this place by chance! My iPhone was smashed and I couldn't get an appointment with Apple genius for 3 days but walked in to Fixapplenow and my iPhone was fixed within the hour! I have been back a few times now and always had great friendly, fast service!


    Adam Steinlauf Avatar
    Adam Steinlauf

    Fast service, friendly workers and very convientent.


  • Elias Bruzual Avatar
    Elias Bruzual

    Great service everything was done perfectly and it was done in an hour like they said it would be. Definitely 10/10 recommend!


    Fabrizzio Miranda Avatar
    Fabrizzio Miranda

    Staff was very friendly. The job was done in good time, and great quality work!! Thank you very much.


  • Hanne Helweg Avatar
    Hanne Helweg

    As always great service. Very quick. Have been here numerous times and always fixed within a few hours. Highly recommend.


    Miranda Jimenez Avatar
    Miranda Jimenez

    Great service !


  • Clarissa Jimenez Avatar
    Clarissa Jimenez

    quick,fast and excellent service with great prices!!


    Share Docs Avatar
    Share Docs

    I brought my sons iphone with a broken lcd in and within one hour they had it repaired looking like new. Would highly recommend!!!


  • Andrea Nejaime Avatar
    Andrea Nejaime

    Dropped off my son's cracked iphone and less than an hour later it was all fixed and like new. I would highly recommend! !!


    Andrea Nejaime Avatar
    Andrea Nejaime

    Best service. I highly recommend!!!


  • Joshua Hernandez Avatar
    Joshua Hernandez

    I had a great experience at this location!! Very nice staff and fixed it in no time. Great pricing too!!


    Estela Suarez Avatar
    Estela Suarez

    Great customer service loved the result!


  • Ryan Taleb Avatar
    Ryan Taleb

    Came in with a malfunctioning home button. They fixed it for free since no parts had to be replaced. Highly recommend this shop for any repair!


    Michel Sader Avatar
    Michel Sader

    In a phrase: commitment to their customers. The owner is involved personally with everything that happens. And the equipment I asked to be fixed is a Mac Book Pro, which is a complex animal. I wish big corporations had the same customer service procedures in place Fix Apple Now has. Highly recommended.


  • Jane Rentas Avatar
    Jane Rentas

    Fix apple now in weston the customer care is awesome . They are quick and they are very knowledge with the apple products . I take all my apple products to this store


    Megan Earl Avatar
    Megan Earl

    Awesome service!!!! Really happy with how my phone came out! Sina was amazing!


  • Carlos Villafuerte Avatar
    Carlos Villafuerte

    Great service, got there and in less than 10 mins they changed my screen.


    Linda Jette Avatar
    Linda Jette

    That place was amazing. Fixed my glass 30 min no waiting????


  • G Murillo Avatar
    G Murillo

    Thank you very much. Fixed my phone in no time!!!


    Mauricio Campos Avatar
    Mauricio Campos

    I received an excellent service with my iphone 6 screen repair, was a fare price and very quickly. I really recommend this place.Mauricio


  • magaly malave Avatar
    magaly malave

    Great service!!! Fast and goos prices... very knowledgeable...no BS


    Nicholas Seaman Avatar
    Nicholas Seaman

    Went in and the fixed the problem in 30 seconds!


  • Lee Rosen Avatar
    Lee Rosen

    I highly Recomended this store . They saved me , was courteous and was able to repair what no one else could . I am amazed that our community is not aware of the store and service . There is no other place to go , they are amazing !!!


    Dave Herbert Avatar
    Dave Herbert

    Great service fast at a fair price. Review my problem and gave me several options to repair my IPhone.


  • Samantha Shapiro Avatar
    Samantha Shapiro

    Fix Apple did a fantastic quick job fixing my phone. I would HIGHLY recommend them!!


    Ed Berliner Avatar
    Ed Berliner

    Crushed when my 160GB IPod Classic developed an audio issue, only one channel playing. Took to "UBreakIFix", waited a week, they came back and said "no parts available, you're out of luck". Found Fix Apple Now as a last resort. 2 days after drop off, back in excellent working condition. Guys there never flinched. Price was VERY reasonable at $40. Highly recommend them and will be back when any of my Apple products go astray.


  • Priscilla Ortiz Avatar
    Priscilla Ortiz

    Great experience and I would recommend this place to anyone! Awesome customer service


    Hailey Bell Avatar
    Hailey Bell

    Great place! I've been coming here for a few years and every time I have a great experience. Good pricing too:)


  • Michael Dorfman Avatar
    Michael Dorfman

    They fixed my phone in 30 minutes! Great experience and not as expensive as Apple.


    Monica Mirkin Avatar
    Monica Mirkin

    Excellent and timely service. Super professional and nice staff


  • Walter Yager Avatar
    Walter Yager

    Very efficient on getting work done on time and very profesional They stand behind their work


    Carli Solomon Avatar
    Carli Solomon

    I went in with a cracked phone screen and everyone was so friendly and helpful here. They fixed my phone within an hour and the price was reasonable. I reccomend this place to everyone and I will definitely come back next time I have an issue with any of my devices!


  • Renato Cinini Avatar
    Renato Cinini

    They do a great service, had to fix my son's iPhone screen, they fixed in 45 minutes, phone is perfect and the price was really good.


    Antonio Sucre Avatar
    Antonio Sucre

    My experience was excellent. The workers were very nice and very cooperative. Good job and the right price


  • Hector Schmidt Avatar
    Hector Schmidt

    Love this place they always fix our phones and tablets fast without any problems. Glad we have their business in Weston.


    April Kuhlman Avatar
    April Kuhlman

    Good customer service and got it fixed same day without an appointment ! 🙂


  • Becca Marcus Avatar
    Becca Marcus

    Fix Apple Now was very quick to replace my iPhone's battery and screen (within an hour) and are very reasonable priced! So much less expensive to fix your phone here!


    Kathleena Forever Avatar
    Kathleena Forever

    Very great & quick service! Would recommend to anyone


  • miranda sanner Avatar
    miranda sanner

    Great service


    Paul Williams Avatar
    Paul Williams

    Excellent and quick service. The employees were super helpful in fixing my iPhone issues. Highly recommend. Best repair shop around and great prices.


  • Connor Nehls Avatar
    Connor Nehls

    Great service, super fast, and cheap. I highly recommend this place for iPhone repairs. Second time here


    crj1111 Avatar

    FIX APPLE NOW IS THE BEST; they are very affordable compared to other places, the staff is great and friendly, and the work they do is awesome with great turn around time. I have used them several times and they are 5 star.


  • Julio Leon Penate Avatar
    Julio Leon Penate

    Great service. My iPhone screen works perfectly and the repair was fast. 5/5 stars.


    Shawn Walker Avatar
    Shawn Walker

    Quick and great price. Much cheaper than an Apple Store and more convenient. Highly recommend.


  • Luis Ponce Avatar
    Luis Ponce

    Excellent service!!! I highly recommend them!!!


    Adam Rogers Avatar
    Adam Rogers

    Service was quick, prices were clear from the website and there were no surprises when I got there. Great and fast service. Much cheaper than going to Apple


  • May Flores Avatar
    May Flores

    Always very helpful. Prices are great. Will definitely be coming back.


    Sapna Gwalani Avatar
    Sapna Gwalani

    I've been to the store in Weston twice. Excellent and fast service. They put a free tempered glass protector after they replaced my glass and even replaced it for free when it wore out after couple months! Strongly recommend this store!


  • Hakeem Williams Avatar
    Hakeem Williams

    Quick & laid back. Love the the customer service


    Andrei Pavlov Avatar
    Andrei Pavlov

    Awesome experience!!!!Great people. Good communication.


  • Rickytickyy Avatar

    Great experience! Service was excellent, the attendance by Sina was terrific and it was a fast and easy fix. Definitely coming back if anything were to happen again. Thanks guys!


    Todd Marine Avatar
    Todd Marine

    I highly recommend this excellent business. Fantastic pricing, incredibly fast repair times and friendly/helpful staff.


  • Marco Silva Avatar
    Marco Silva

    thank uou for the service.


    Juliana Nelson Avatar
    Juliana Nelson

    The price is the best in the country to me I travel a lot. These guys work fast. Best Apple Store ever.


  • Andreina Lander Avatar
    Andreina Lander

    Great service and very fast! Highly recommend it!


    Mr Appliance Avatar
    Mr Appliance

    Very nice people and very helpful!! My husband has been using them for a little over a year and every time he gets the best service and a good price. All my iPads and iPhones has been fixed by them and so far has been a great experience. If you need your cell phone or iPad fixed I definitely recommend this place.


  • suzy marsh Avatar
    suzy marsh

    Leslie was awesome!!


    Jessica Cooper Avatar
    Jessica Cooper

    Great service. In and out. Definitely recommend!


  • Resto Copenhague Avatar
    Resto Copenhague

    Excelente servicio!!!


    Gabriela C Scheuren Avatar
    Gabriela C Scheuren

    Excelente servicio. Dan respuesta a los problemas de manera rapida y efectiva.


  • Elizabeth Hurwitz Avatar
    Elizabeth Hurwitz

    I had a cracked screen that was fixed fast and the staff was extemely helpful!


    Patty Germain Avatar
    Patty Germain

    Quick service and great price! Thank you!