Common Reasons for iPhone Repair

iPhone repair

Smartphones have become an important part of so many people’s lives that when they are damaged, it could feel like the end of the world. After all, how can anyone function without convenient access to the internet, email, games, social media and more?

The thought of being without your smartphone could send chills down your spine. However, it’s important to know how iPhones get damaged in the first place, so you know how you can avoid needing iPhone repair. These are the most common problems that will cause you to seek iPhone repair:

Water Damage

Water damage is perhaps one of the most common reasons why you’ll need iPhone repair. A slip of the fingers could send your phone flying into a sink, bathtub or rain puddle. Although most water damage is immediately noticeable, letting the owner of the phone know it’s time for iPhone repair, in some cases, the damage to the device could occur later. With corrosion, it may seem as if no damage was done when you remove the iPhone from the water, however hours or even days later, the phone may completely stop working. This is due to the slow breakdown of the phone’s interior caused by water, oxygen and metal interacting. If you experience this with your phone, bring it into a professional iPhone repair tech for assistance. Time is a factor in the success of these repairs.

Battery Issues

Is your iPhone’s battery draining too fast or not charging properly? Many smartphone owners overlook this issue, believing that they are using their phone too much or forgetting to charge it. However, if you experience battery problems, it’s always smart to consult with an iPhone repair tech to determine whether there is a manufacturer defect in the battery.

Cracked Screens

iPhone screens may crack if dropped, stepped on or thrown, leaving the owners without a way to view their information clearly. In some cases, you may even need an iPhone repair before being able to send a text, write an email or make a phone call. Severely cracked screens could actually injure you if you swipe your skin across it and come into contact with sharp glass. Prevent injury (and missed calls, texts and emails!) by visiting an iPhone repair tech as soon as possible. iPhone repair techs will be able to completely replace the screen on your phone, making it appear and function as if it were brand new.

Button Issues

Although there are not many buttons on touch screen iPhones, the ones that do exist often need iPhone repair. The more you use an iPhone, the more likely it will be that your power button will get stuck, leaving you unable to turn off or restart your phone. This issue could be caused by a dislodged or shifted part underneath the home screen button. iPhone repair techs will be able to remove the damaged button and replace or adjust the metal part underneath.

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