Avoid Apple Repair by Regularly Cleaning Devices


Love your Apple devices? Take care of them by cleaning the touchscreen on a regular basis. Not only will this make the screen clearer and easier for you to read, but it will also help you preserve the coating on your screen. Follow these steps to avoid the need for Apple repair:


Before you begin to clean the screen, unplug your device from charging and turn it off. Make sure that you do not have any headphones or other devices plugged into your phone when you’re cleaning your phone to prevent Apple repair.

Use a cloth.

Although many people use paper towels or anti bacterial wipes to clean Apple devices, this is actually a mistake. Paper towels can abrasively scratch the surface of your screen, leaving tiny marks that won’t go away. Anti bacterial wipes have chemicals that are not safe for use on electronic devices. There are a number of products on the market that are specifically made for Apple devices, however if you don’t have these, you’re not out of luck. Use a soft, lint free cloth to gently wipe the outer layer of your screen. This should remove fingerprints and other smudges that slowly cause the coating to disappear and lead to the need for Apple repair.

Don’t use…

Never pour water onto the screen of your device. If you feel that you need water to thoroughly clean the screen, dab your lint free cloth into it and gently wipe across the screen. If water gets into the device, you may have to get an Apple repair professional to fix the internal damages. Don’t use any cleaners that are made for use around the home, either. These contain strong chemicals are not designed to be used with technological devices. If you accidentally use water or harsh household chemicals, contact an Apple repair professional to determine whether you have caused damage.

Future Prevention

Once your device has been cleaned, it’s important to preserve it as long as possible to prevent the need for Apple repair. Try not to throw your devices in a backpack, purse or suitcase and instead keep it in a side pocket protected in a case. If you exercise with your phone, consider investing in a belt buckle or arm strap holder for your phone. Many people come to Apple repair professionals after their phone falls and smashes during a tough run or workout. If you choose to hold it in your hand during workouts, not only will you be more likely to let it slip, but you’ll also get damaging sweat and oils onto the screen.

Although regularly cleaning your Apple devices can help prevent damages, you should still know where to go in the case of a damaged phone. Trust the techs at Fix Apple Now to repair your LCD, cracked glass, battery, home button, power button, audio jack, water damage and more. With a 90 day warranty and offer to price match against local competitors, Fix Apple Now is the best choice for your Apple repair needs.

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