Avoid a Cracked iPad Screen


Have you ever been in a meeting and looked down at the table to see how many iPad or iPhone screens are cracked? Probably more of your colleagues have a cracked iPad screen than they would care to admit. How many times have you dropped your iPad? Yikes. Are you still carrying it around with a cracked iPad screen? Well, consider having it fixed. Binge watching just isn’t the same on a cracked iPad screen. Apple offers a convenient warranty checker to review your Apple warranty status and if it is not under warranty, consider getting it repaired at an repair center who specializes in Apple products.

A cracked iPad screen is a real bummer, but the stories behind it can be down right amusing.

When you ask a bunch of people at an Apple repair shop, “why do you have a cracked iPad screen?” You might get an assortment of hilarious (and borderline sad) cracked iPad screen stories. Here are a few cracked iPad stories that may help you keep yours from cracking.

It got wet. Don’t ask.

If you desire to listen to music while taking a shower, take heed of the water warning. Apple will know if your device has been damaged by water, so make sure you give enough space between the tub, toilet and your iPad. If you knock your knock your iPad into the running water inside the sink, a toilet or your bathtub full of bubbles, not only could you cause water damage, but you could suffer from a cracked iPad screen. To avoid losing your device to such destruction, put your device far away from any water, or the bathtub for that matter, while you are in the bathroom. You can still hear the music just fine. Invest in some bluetooth speakers if you need more volume. (But make sure they are safely away from water, too.)

Alcohol and cracked iPad screen

If you decide to attend a cool party or maybe hit the dance club for a night on the town, be careful how you carry your iPad. If you decide to take your iPad to watch the game or play Angry Birds, make sure you find a way to safely guard your expensive device in crowded places or you might be crying later because of a cracked iPad screen.  If you carry a purse or tote bag, make sure the iPad will fit inside.
You are just asking for a cracked iPad screen if you are carrying it in your hand or under your arm. Bump. Smack. Cracked iPad screen. A sudden jerk can easily knock your device out of your hands and onto the floor. If people are dancing, a stiletto might easily penetrate the screen on your iPad before you even know where it’s fallen. There are satchels made especially to carry iPad’s safely and if you don’t have anything to protect your device, you may consider leaving it at home, rather than risk losing it.

What goes bump in the night?

Leaving your device on the floor is never a good idea. If you decide to get up in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen for a late night snack, you might hear a crack under your feet and realize suddenly that you have a cracked iPad screen. Always try to put your device up on a table or shelf so you aren’t walking on it by accident. Putting a protective cover on your iPad is also a good idea to help protect it. If you want to have your iPad around for a long time, avoid hurting your iPad by treating it with the utmost respect.  And if you do come across a cracked iPad screen because of an accident, don’t worry, there are professional technicians and Apple device shops to help get your device looking shiny and new again.

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