Apple Support Tip – Protect Your iPhone From Kids

 Apple Support Tip: Protect Your iPhone From Kids

Do your kids tend to grab your phone to use their favorite app or watch funny videos? Be careful! Even when kids don’t mean any harm, they can easily drop your phone or cause other damage that will require the help of an Apple support professional. Parents, it’s important that you follow these Apple support tips to protect your iPhone from your kids:

Choose a sturdy case.

Apple support professionals recommend thicker, bulkier cases to protect Apple devices from breaking when in the hands of your children. Depending on how old your kids are, they may not be responsible enough to hold onto an expensive device like your iPhone. Kids can accidentally drop your phone, or throw it thinking it’s a toy. To make sure that your iPhone doesn’t need repair from an Apple support professional, choose a case like the Otterbox. With one of these cases, parents won’t have to freak out when they notice their kids handling their phone.

Keep it away from the pool.

Having a pool party with your kids? Some kids won’t understand that electronic devices and water aren’t a good mix, no matter how many times you seem to tell them. To avoid the need of an Apple support professional, if you’re planning on being near the water with your kids, keep your iPhone at home, or tucked away in a waterproof bag so that kids don’t see it and feel the need to grab it.

Buy a screen protector.

One of the most common repairs performed by Apple support professionals is fixing a cracked screen. Not only is a cracked screen inconvenient since you can’t see the screen, but the sharp glass can also injure you or your child. Be sure to childproof your iPhone’s glass screen by investing in a quality screen protector. A highly recommended screen protector is Moshi, which is a solid screen protector as opposed to a sheet, which means you won’t have those annoying bubbles if you put it on wrong. Although Moshi screen protectors may crack if your kid drops the phone hard, the phone underneath might still be in perfect condition, which is all that matters.

Go hands-free.

Kids tend to grab at iPhones when they see their parents carrying them. This means that if you don’t want to have to visit an Apple support professional, keep the phone of your kids’ sight. Avoid keeping it next to you while you drive in the car or at the dinner table, two places that kids can easily become bored and want to play with your phone. When you’re around your kids, keep the phone in your bag, charging on the wall out of their reach, or in a back pocket.

Even if you follow all of these precautions, accidents can still happen. If you’re ever in need of an Apple support professional, trust the techs at Fix Apple Now to repair your cracked screen, hard drive, water damage, motherboard, graphics card, keyboard and more. Our professionals offer customers a 90-day warranty and price match with local competitors!

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