Apple Support Tip: Protect iPhones From Scratches

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One of the most common problems that Apple support professionals see is a cracked or scratched screen. Although iPhone screens are scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof, meaning that sand, dust and other particles can easily scratch the screen of your device.

To prevent this damage from occurring, follow these tips from an Apple support professional:

Screen protectors.

Perhaps the most obvious way to protect your iPhone from damaging scratches is using a screen protector. Some Apple buyers are hesitant to spend money on something that looks like a thick piece of plastic, but the protection that it provides will save you from having to spend money on having your phone repaired by an Apple support professional. Protectors found on Amazon can run as low as $5, and even though these may scratch over time, they still protect your phone from scratching. So, next time an Apple support professional recommends buying a screen protector, take his or her word for it and make the small investment!

Liquid Armor.

Some Apple support professionals may recommend an alternative to screen protectors called Liquid Armor. Screen protectors can often be difficult to place on the phone exactly right, causing bubbles to form underneath the plastic. Liquid Armor, on the other hand, is a spray chemical that is applied directly to the phone’s screen. Once the spray is applied, you should wait 24 hours before rubbing the screen while the solution dries. After the 24 hour period, the coating will be completely dry and ready to protect your screen from damage. This coating not only can help prevent the need for an Apple support professional, but it also makes it much easier to clean your phone’s screen from fingerprints and dust.

Watch where you put it.

If you don’t have Liquid Armor or a screen protector on your device, there are still ways for you to prevent the need for an Apple support professional. Many people throw their iPhones into a backpack or purse without looking at what else is in there. If you do put your phone away, tuck it into a side pocket, preferably one that zips close. Be sure that the phone will not come into contact with anything that will scratch its surface. This means that coins, keys, pens and other objects should be removed from the pocket that contains your phone.

Clean it regularly.

Small grains of sand, dust or other debris can easily rub against your screen and cause scratches. Every Apple support professional will tell you that a regular cleaning will help you stop these scratches from happening. Be sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth and wipe it gently across the screen. Don’t use any kind of chemical solution unless it is specifically designed for iPhone use.

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