Apple Releases Error 53 Solution After Class Action Lawsuit

If you have recently received Error 53 message while updating iOS on your iPhone, don’t worry, this can be fixed.

Recently Apple released an Error 53 solution after a class action lawsuit. This was an error encountered after people got their faulty home buttons replaced by third party Apple repair shops. The repair requires a new connection with the Touch ID component of the phone, which can trigger the phone to believe that something is wrong as far as security goes within the phone, specifically regarding the Touch ID component. This “Error 53” is a test which was implemented as a way to ensure Touch ID was working on the phone before it left the factory, according to TechCrunch. Apple insists, it was never developed as anything that was intended to impact customers.

Error 53 has resulted in a class action lawsuit against Apple, and in hopes of reducing any legal trouble, they have quickly released a fix for the problem.

Error 53 after home button replacement

Error 53 after home button replacement

The latest version of iOS (iOS 9.2.1) fixes the Error 53 that some users were receiving after getting their home button fixed, but you need a computer with iTunes installed in order to complete the update. This makes the fix no use to people who may not own a computer with iTunes. Since you can now get an iPhone up and running with no computer required, and even download and install new software straight to the handheld device, some people don’t see a need for having a computer, which brings up a separate issue for those who are experiencing getting bricked out of their phone with Error 53 — how do I get the new operating system without a computer?

On top of that issue, even with this software update, some users’ Touch ID will still be left disabled. That’s why some stores have been reported to replace iPhone with error 53 issue. iDigitalTimes claims to have called Apple Support and confirming that this is true.

If you are having either of these problems related to Error 53, or want to replace your home button and ensure that you don’t have any issues like this in the future, contact us so we can provide you with qualified Apple repair service, and get your phone as well as your Touch ID back up and running as it is intended to.

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